• Released version 7.03 of the schema
  • Over 55 software tools world-wide support gbXML


  • Awarded ASHRAE RP-1815 to Improve gbXML and Occupancy Modeling


  • The release of our new and more democratized gbXML validator
  • Completion of ASHRAE RP-1810 - A gbXML Test Case Validation Suite


  • gbXML is officially 20 years old this year!
  • gbXML in involved with a new DOE Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to develop a gbXML and BuildingSync schema server


  • Autodesk Revit Systems Analysis officially utilizes gbXML
  • A new ASHRAE-funded test case and validation research project begins courtesy of BuildSimHub
  • Over 50 software tools now support integration with gbXML
  • Georgia Tech University begins Phase II of the Level 3 validation work


  • Over 45 software tools now support integration with gbXML
  • gbXML hires Georgia Tech University to work on Level 3 validation research
  • A free and new web-based gbXML viewer is now live


  • Autodesk funds gbXML to perform Level 3 validation
  • gbXML is a Silver Sponsor at the IBPSA Building Simulation Conference in San Francisco in August 2017


  • NREL's Open Studio software tool is the 1st tool to become gbXML compliant
  • gbXML presents its validation findings at the ASHRAE/IBPSA SimBuild Conference in August
  • gbXML hosts software vendor webinar to receive feedback on new validation process
  • New gbXML website launched


  • gbXML receives funding from U.S. DOE and NREL for Phase III of ongoing contract
  • gbXML releases version 6.01 of gbXML
  • gbXML receives funding from Autodesk for schema updates


  • gbXML releases version 5.12 of gbXML
  • gbXML releases a new schema validator (Version 2)
  • gbXML receives funding from U.S. DOE and PNNL for Phase II


  • gbXML receives funding from U.S. DOE
  • gbXML releases version 5.11 of gbXML
  • gbXML releases a new schema validator
  • gbXML releases version 5.10 of gbXML


  • gbXML elects new Board of Directors including Amir Roth from DOE, Nathan Kegel from IES, and Todd Gottshall from Taylor Engineering
  • gbXML releases version 5.01 of gbXML


  • New gbXML advisory board formed consisting of consortium of software development firms
  • gbXML is incorporated as a California public non-profit with the official name: Open Green Building XML Schema, Inc


  • Autodesk acquires Green Building Studio, the company that created and maintained gbXML


  • The gbXML.org website was launched to better promote the schema


  • The first version of the gbXML schema was published in June of 2000


  • Development of Green Building XML started by Green Building Studio, Inc. Development was funded by the California Energy Commission PIER Program, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Green Building Studio