Overview of ASHRAE RP-1810

Executive Summary

In this research, the Project Team focused on developing and streamline a rigorous validation process that minimizes the struggles of disparate building software tools communicating with one another. To achieve the goal, three phases of research were carried out through a 20-calendar month period.
  1. Step I took a survey of over 50 BIM and/or BEM professionals and analyzed their feedback on specific questions. The selection of interviewees was designed deliberately, ranging from professors teaching BIM to engineering experts in the industry. The survey paid attention to two different aspects: the data schema level and the industry level. At the data schema level, the weaknesses of the current data schema were classified and discussed. This research explored the critical expectations of the end-users with text mining and proposes potential development directions to improve the BIM to BEM experience.
  2. Step II, the team developed 19 test cases based on the issues from Step I interview results. The test cases covered various geometry issues ranging from wall, roof, ceiling thicknesses, window, building shapes, envelope thermal properties, and an HVAC system. Each test case was documented with a problem statement, a text and graphic description of the test model, an expected outcome, and some common issues. A BIM model (in Revit) and a standard test model (gbXML) were provided along with the document.
  3. Step III, the team developed a new web platform to host the Step II gbXML validation process. The new platform replaced the current validation interface with a new user interface and workflow. In addition, the integration of a third-party open-source gbXML viewer greatly enhanced the user experience during the validation process. Lastly, a user guideline of how to use the platform is provided in this report.

Project Objectives

This site and its contents have been developed as part of the ASHRAE funded research project RP-1810, a follow-on project to RP-1468 Automating Building Thermal Model Creation: Interoperability from BIM to Energy Simulation Software
The overall objectives of this research project were:
  1. Develop 20+ gbXML test case documents that software vendors can follow to develop their own gbXML files that will then be uploaded to a web-based validator that will provide feedback on the validity of the files.;
  2. Develop 20+ corresponding gbXML files, 1 for each test case, that provide templates for software vendors to base their outputs upon;
  3. Further develop an existing web-based validator software tool that will validate the 20+ test cases (Click here to go to the validator.)
  4. Upload all deliverables including software vendor output files to data.ashrae.org. This is all in the name of improving the interoperability experience between BIM authoring tools and building analysis software tools.

Final Report

The final report includes all research project findings and test case documentation (It will be available for sale soon):
User Guide for Development of Reference Building Information Model (BIM) Test Cases for Improving the Application of Software Interoperability Schemas

List of Test Cases

The following are a list of all 20 sets of test case files. These files include Autodesk Revit samples, PDF test case documentation, sample gbXML files, and more.

Test Case 1 - Exterior Wall with Multiple Layers

  1. Test Case Instructions: 01 - Multi-wall.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 01_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 2 - Zoning with Two Spaces

  1. Test Case Instructions: 02 - Virtual space separator.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 02_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 3 - Disconnected Roof and Interior Wall

  1. Test Case Instructions: 03_Revit_Disconnected roof and wall.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 03_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 4 - Multiple Ceiling Levels

  1. Test Case Instructions: 04_Multi-level ceiling.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 04_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 5 - Raised Floor and Drop Ceiling

  1. Test Case Instructions: 05 - Raised floor and drop ceiling.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 05_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 6 - Construction Information of Multiple Layers

  1. Test Case Instructions: 06_Constrution Names.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 06_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 7 - Room Inside a Room

  1. Test Case Instructions: 19_Room inside a room.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 07_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 8 - Appressed Floor and Ceiling with Thickness

  1. Test Case Instructions: 08 - Appressed floor and ceiling with thickness.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 08_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 9 - Window Located Within an Interior Wall

  1. Test Case Instructions: 09_Interior Window.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 09_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 10 - Atrium Space

  1. Test Case Instructions: 10_Atrium.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 10_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 11 - Vaulted Ceiling With Dormer

  1. Test Case Instructions: 11_vaulted ceiling with domer.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 11_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 12 - Concave Shaped Zones

  1. Test Case Instructions: 12_T-shaped_Space.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 12_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 13 - Missed Balcony

  1. Test Case Instructions: 13_Balcony.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 13_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 14 - Roof With Extended Overhang

  1. Test Case Instructions: 14 - Roof overhang docx.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 14_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 15 - Curtain Wall

  1. Test Case Instructions: 15_Curtain wall.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 15_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 16 - Shaft Openings

  1. Test Case Instructions: 16_Courtyard.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 16_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 17 - Curved Wall

  1. Test Case Instructions: 17_Curved Wall.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 17_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 18 - Window Frame

  1. Test Case Instructions: 18_Window frame.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 18_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Test Case 19 - HVAC System and Schedule

  1. Test Case Instructions: 19_HVAC System.pdf
  2. Test Case gbXML and Revit Files: 19_gbXML_Revit_Files.zip

Legacy Test Case Development

gbXML Test Case Documentation (Georgia Tech - 2019 and more)

Click here to view previous test case development research projects.